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1. Privacy Policy – Prolific IT Solutions

Prolific IT Solutions has given prior emphasis to protect your personal data and makes sure to provide all the rights related to Privacy Policy. We are very sure about the management of your personal data and its applications due to privacy rules and regulations.

The Privacy Policy defines the Prolific IT Solutions data and information that might be collected and received from the users (website browsers, gadgets, software users, etc., and many others) and the data collected may be processed for further use.

To benefit from our services, you need to accept the policy in accordance with the collection and usage of your personal information.

2. What kind of information do Prolific IT Solutions collect?

Personal Information

Personal information is a kind of information that is directly and indirectly associated with other details that relate to a particular person’s identity. To use our services, users need to provide their personal details to provide some identity and these personal details may include:

  1. Your Name, Residential Address, and Phone Number
  2. Your email address
  3. Cookies and usage data
  4. Usage Data


To avail our services to the users, at the time we need to collect some information related to the users accessing details and which medium they use to access. These data are called usage data. This kind of usage data includes:

  1. Device’s Internet Protocol address (IP address)
  2. Type and version of the browser used
  3. The web pages you browse
  4. the time and date of your browsing
  5. the time spent on those websites
  6. unique device identifiers
  7. Diagnostic data
  8. Cookies Data

Cookies are information carrying small files and ask for permission either to accept or reject to take a place on your computer’s hard drive. And it also facilitates the website owners to analyze website traffic and other website behaviors.

Some of the cookies that our services include:

  1. Session Cookies: Session Cookies to make use of our Service.
  2. Preference Cookies: Preference Cookies recognize your preferences and several settings.
  3. Security Cookies: Security Cookies for security purposes.
  4. Use of Data


At the time, when a particular user utilizes our services or visits our website, Prolific IT Solutions may collect various kinds of data we have discussed earlier. And we may utilize and access those collected data for the following purposes:

  1. Offering the services
  2. Sending alerts and notifications
  3. Informing about events and services
  4. Offering customer care and support
  5. Detecting, Preventing and Addressing technical issues
  6. Providing Analysis or Valuable information

3. Protection and Security of your Personal Data

The data and personal information that Prolific IT Solutions collect, will not be sold, rented, or shared with other third parties. It will not be saved for a long time once its work has been performed. We remove all the information from our directories once its services have been done.

When it comes to the security of users’ personal information, we have prepared a strict privacy policy to secure your data. We have made strong security regulations to protect the personal information that we collect.

So, we revise our Privacy Policy measures regularly to maintain pace with the latest and updated technologies. We ensure that our technicians working on our behalf make the best efforts and respect the confidentiality of any personal information collected at the time of using services.

4. Links to other sites and Modifications

You must find the links to other websites that are used in our content to provide a reference to the topic you have composed. The sites are not ours and we can’t even control them. And we are not responsible for the things, conducts, and executes of these websites linked to our site. So it’s our request to be cautious while browsing such sites. We suggest you go through all the terms and conditions and the privacy policies of the website before you apply for any services.

We possess the right to modify, change or remove any portion of this Internet Privacy Policy at any time and without any notification. And you can see the updated Privacy Policy on our official website. If there are any queries or issues regarding our website, we will consider them seriously and work to solve those concerns without wasting a single day.


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