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In search of the most ethical and trusted App Development Company in Nepal? We address every App Development project with utmost care and supervision and are operated by our well-proficient App Developer. Agile development approaches are used by our qualified team of App Developers to manage the full development process from initial conceptualization to Google Play Store and iOS App Store submission.


We collaborate with both new and existing companies to design and create apps that dominate the market, generate revenue, and exceed KPIs. From award-winning applications to robust enterprise-grade mobile apps that automate crucial business operations, we have many years of experience in developing apps of every complexity.

Extremely collaborative and outcome-focused
Close attention to user experience
Guaranteed application scaling on demand
Robust and evolutionary architecture
App Development

Why prolific it solutions for app development services?

Design and develop an enterprise-grade app for your business

Prolific IT Solutions is a top leading App Development Company in Nepal running a web and mobile app development business whose main goal is to create high-caliber software. Our committed App Developer teams are industry leaders in a wide range of technology stacks. They are experts at creating custom designs with cutting-edge App Development Services.


We work with you to create apps for consumers or businesses across a variety of digital platforms, including mobile, web, desktop, VR, MR, and AR.

Why work with us?

Consistent delivery

Rigorous quality assurance testing

Proven track record

Optimal resource utilization

Web app development services

Web app development services

We provide end-to-end services for developing web applications, such as designing, creating prototypes, constructing, and converting to new web architecture. Our team of tech-savvy web designers and developers specializes in building unique online applications. We aim to develop apps that are extensible, responsive, and secure. We design fully adaptable, responsible, and worthwhile software solutions.

Mobile app development services

Mobile app development services

We are a mobile app development services provider that provides a complete degree of services including mobile app design, integration, and development services, whether it be on a native or hybrid platform. We provide all startups and businesses with flexible engagement models, and our developers create mobile applications that raise user engagement. Our team has experience developing apps for both iOS and Android.

Other platform app development services

Other platform app development services

Additionally, we offer particular services for other platforms that are essential for the full cycle of developing a desktop app or UI/UX Design and Development. Building a strong product through incremental change is made possible by these services. We may create these solutions from scratch or improve already-existing apps to make them more scalable and responsive. The research-based design approach for apps to ensure success.


Plan & Wireframe

You must know the following information about your developing app idea: client demographics, motives, etc. It lays the framework for the necessary research and brainstorming that may come after. You can see the future features of your app by creating wireframes and in-depth sketches of the intended product.

Develop app idea

Follow a well-thought-out strategy


Creating in-depth drawings of the product

Plan & Wireframe

Feasibility & Prototype

Gain a better grasp of your product’s graphics and the backend infrastructure. Depending on the platform it was created for (iOS, Android), an app will have varying needs. You can understand the touch and user experience of your app and determine whether you’re headed correctly by quickly prototyping it.

Multiple-platform apps

iOS, Android, and cross-platform solutions

Transform your app idea

Innovative and secure app development services

Feasibility & Prototype

Design & Development

Your app’s design will be created by your UI/UX experts, who will give you several blueprints and visual cues to review. The length of the design phase can vary depending on your budget and the project’s complexity. Includes a number of series to validate an app’s functioning and presumptions.

Design phase

It's time to delve right into coding

Increase productivity

Implement and access agile approaches regular

Design & Development

Quality assurance testing

The earlier and more frequently you test throughout app development, the better as this will keep overall costs down. We make sure your team covers all the essential areas, including compatibility testing, usability testing, interface checks, stress testing, security testing, performance testing, and so forth.

App testing

Application testing is extensive

Avoid disruptions

Deliver cutting-edge mobility solutions

Quality assurance testing

Final deployment

Pick a day and set up a formal launch when your app is ready to be submitted. This is not the end because different app stores will have various launching regulations. A launch doesn’t mark the end of app development. You must incorporate users’ priceless feedback into subsequent iterations and routine updates after your software is in their hands.

End of app development

Delivering the best-in-class solutions

App maintenance

Minor changes such as updates and revision

Final deployment

Prolific IT Solutions

Prolific IT Solutions is your one-stop destination for all types of digital solutions offering award-winning technology solutions since 2010. Our result-oriented approach will help to generate traffic, convert leads, increase your digital presence, and complete transparency throughout the service. Increase customer lifetime value and generate more repeat business.


App development?

The process of developing software programs (applications) for devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, and smartwatches is known as app development. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the most common operating systems that run these apps. They are written in the Objective C and Java languages, respectively. Ideation, planning, documentation, design, programming, and testing are all parts of the complete procedure.

Yes, we provide an all-inclusive app development service. From strategy and workshopping to design, development, release, and post-launch maintenance, we encompass everything.

As more people are becoming more interested in completing tasks virtually, it is clear that app development is crucial for all businesses today. Businesses need applications to expand their market reach and raise brand awareness in today’s digital age. Having a mobile app for your business has a number of advantages, including:

  • Support marketing
  • Provide value-added services to customers
  • Improves customer relationships
  • Makes businesses more accessible to digital users
  • Encourages high levels of engagement
  • Pairs well with hardware services to improve customer service

It varies. You can make apps for only iOS or Android, or you can make two native apps that can be found in both app stores. While creating a hybrid solution allows you to build once and deploy to both platforms, it is not appropriate for all app types.


In the end, which option is best for your situation and target market is up to you; get in touch with us for advice on the best course of action.

The fact that developers are building for a single platform is the primary advantage of developing a web app. In most cases, more platforms entail more technologies and resources. As a result, project risk can rise which can result in longer project timelines and higher costs. Despite the fact, both Android and iPhone app development can streamline coding, designing, testing, and distributing to multiple app stores still require time and money.


Web apps also take less time to deploy than mobile apps, which can take several weeks to appear in the app store compared to less than an hour when deployed to a web server. An earlier release date can be crucial for a startup or small business. When compared to maintaining a web app, iPhone app, and Android app, ongoing app support costs are also lower for a single web app.

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